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Network marketing specialist
1, female, college education, marketing professional <e-commerce>;
2, 2 years of work experience, familiar with a variety of office software applications;
3, familiar with major B2B and B2C platform operating on the network sales insights;
4, Know how to use search engines, blogs, forums and promotion promotional work;
5, online communication skills, organizational capacity of affinity and good language, good at handling customer relationship;

Sales Representative
1 male, college educated; marketing professional
Engaged in the sale or the relevant channels sales of more than 2 years;
3, possess strong negotiation, information gathering, communication skills, and pressure, in a relatively short period of time the independent development of the client;
4, are familiar with the the ST value-added service industry sales market;
5, strong execution and market development capabilities; preferred customer groups in the project;
6, direct marketing, telemarketing experience is preferred.

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